Sunday, 18 March 2012

80's Party Ideas

Å ha en tematisk parti, gir gjestene og du en mulighet til fest med kreativitet. Et slikt tema er 80-tallet tema party. Denne er ikke bare et tema for de som er født på 80-tallet, men også for ihuga fans av farger kassetter, rock 'n' roll! For en natt med utrolig moro, gjenopplive en scene fra 80-tallet med kostymer og dekorasjoner. Ha det ute eller inne, kan 80-tallsparty ideer aldri svikte. La oss se hva er noen av 80-tallet partiet ideer som du kan prøve.
80's Theme Party Ideas
Party Decorations; Making a 80's party come alive is all about decorations. Shiny disco balls hanging low from the ceiling, cassettes, neon signs and shapes will add to the retro look. Remove all furniture from the party area to create a dance floor. Balloons and bunches of balloons in various color are an important part of 80's party decorations. Stack some films from the 80's and play them on your TV to add to the décor.
Party Costumes; Party costumes are an important part of any party. Costumes bring the additional decorations to the party and make the theme look real. Make sure the invites give out a dress code for the party. Weird wigs, lose denims, long shirts, hair bands, polka dots and hippie clothing are some of the 80's party costume ideas. Implement a non-admittance policy for those who don't dressed properly. Better still have a punishment for them, which can pretty much be the start of party games for you. You can also get some unbeatable ideas from 80's clothing trend.
Party Invitations; No party can get started without party invitations. The whole point of an 80's party invitation is that it must arouse a curiosity amongst the attendees. The invitations must convey the message and mention the dress code. Giving a wig or a slap wrist band is one of the best 80's party ideas. Read more on party invitation ideas.
Party Music; Music is an indispensable part of retro 80's party ideas. Best songs of the 80s will get the crowd grooving for some of the best 80's dance moves. You can either download these songs or buy CDs. Play it on a loud volume with good surround sound, to get the guests partying hard.
Party Food; Since it's birthday party, cake is the most important food item. Whether it's 80's party ideas for kids or retro 80's party ideas for adults, cake is loved by one and all. If the party is for kids you can try making some 80s cartoons on the cake and stick with chocolate flavor. If it's for adults, you can bake some alcohol based cakes, to get them in high spirits.
Party Favors; A show of gratitude towards your guests, for making the party fun, will give a happy ending to the event. Since it's the 80's party ideas, give out retro items as party favors. If you look through flea markets, you will find a plethora of things to convert them into party favors. Cheap retro style sunglasses, glow t shirts, scarves, bandannas, hippie souvenirs and other such funky stuff, would make for great party favors. You can also click Polaroid photographs, put them in envelopes, sign it can give it away as party favors!
Make sure you plan well in advance to make all these glorious 80's party ideas come true. Make the invitations RSVP, so that you know the number of people attending the party. This will help you to place the order for food in right quantities. No party is ever complete without party games, so get everyone involved in fun games for a fun time!

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